“I absolutely love this site. The range of educational presentations are diverse, very easy listening at my leisure in my home and a very affordable price. I am telling all my nurse friends
and co workers about Nurses for Nurses network”
Julie K - Sydney
"Just wanted to let you know that this site is fabulous. I live in a country town, hard to get to conferences. It's easy to use, the talks are great.
Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou."
Tania - February 7th
"Have just commenced your CPD programme and I am enjoying learning in this environment. No traffic jams or rushing to catch a train! I can sit back with my cup of coffee..
Relax and learn.. Love it...”
Jill - April 10th.
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Continuing Professional Development requirements
Australian College of Nursing

Australian College of Nursing

This online learning program is endorsed by ACN according to their Continuing Professional Development Endorsed Course Standards. Click here for details.

FREE Infosheet - Biofilms and Wounds

FREE Infosheet - Biofilms and Wounds

FREE Infosheet - Biofilms and Wounds



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Join NFN for $99

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What are Nursing CPD Points & Do we Need Them?

What are Nursing CPD Points & Do we Need Them?

What are Nursing  CPD Points, CNE points and CPD hours all about?  With all the different terms bandied around it can be a little confusing for Nurses to really work out what they ne

Contemporary Nursing Practice in a Challenging Healthcare Landscape

Contemporary Nursing Practice in a Challenging Healthcare Landscape

Cruise the Caribbean departing one of the world’s most fascinating cities – New Orleans for our 2015 annual conference.

Give the Gift of NfN Membership

Give the Gift of NfN Membership

Give the gift of Nurses for Nurses Network to a nurse for just $99.

Continuing Professional Development | Nursing CPD

DON’T PAY $25 or more per CPD session!
DON’T PAY $450 per year to reach your 20 CPD hours with AHPRA!CPD Nurses
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How is the Nurses for Nurses Network affordable to you?
• You can claim your membership cost of $99 per year as an education tax deduction for all your CPD and more!
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• You can trust that because we are run by Nurses you will have absolutely ZERO hidden costs!
• You receive more than CPD for $99! Your membership includes an online Professional Portfolio, educational downloads, up to date articles on nursing topics, task demos and heaps of other extras - how affordable is that!Nursing CPD

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Nursing CPD courses


Accessible CPD Courses for Nurses

250+ Nursing CPD Sessions Accessible on all Devices. Computers, Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phones $99!


  • The website is available to you 24 hours a dayNursing CPD
  • It's accessible to you 365 days per year
  • You can complete over 250 Continuing Professional Development sessions and counting
  • You can access the website via your choice of computer, iPhone, iPad or Android device
  • Your own online Professional Evidence Portfolio is at your fingertips should you be audited by AHPRA for your CPD registration requirements
  • You receive a CPD certificate stored online and PDF for print for every CPD session you complete

All this access and more for a one off yearly fee of just $99 - how fabulous!

Convenient, accessible and no more time constraints!

  • Do your best thinking with a beverage of your choice in the afternoon or evening, be our guest
  • If you want to tune in while on the train on your way to your next shift, go for it
  • Just got the family sorted and  have a few spare hours to do some CPD -  log on
  • Are you a bit of a night owl and enjoy staying up late to learn, we welcome you too
  • Got a preferred learning style? Learn via interactive live webinars, recorded webinars, watch a video or read an article and then complete the quiz- we encourage you to choose whatever way you like to learn

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Nursing CPD online

professional development nursingSTRESS-FREE
Have no more CPD registration compliance worries!

Meeting your CPD requirements can be stressful, let alone if you are audited and have the anxiety of rushing to put your Professional Evidence Portfolio together.

  • One-stop shop to house all your CPD evidenceNursing CPD
  • Simple and easy to use step by step format to create your Professional Evidence Portfolio
  • Make changes anytime and see them instantly in your Professional Evidence Portfolio
  • Your Professional Evidence Portfolio comes together in a PDF for you to be able to email or print
  • No more stress of losing bits of paper, it's all housed in an electronic package for you
  • Your Professional Evidence Portfolio creates a great resume should you be applying for a new job

All this for only $99 per year!

continuing professional development for nursingFABULOUS

  • You need to meet your CPD requirements
  • It needs to be affordable and available at a time that suits youcontinuing professional development for Nurses
  • You want choice of learning format to suit your own personal learning style

Join in the fabulousness with other Nurses!

You’ll love the.....

  • Affordability - attend as many sessions as you like as often as you like for only $99 per year!
  • 24/7 accessibility - you choose to complete your CPD wherever and whenever
  • Stress-free CPD - online Professional Evidence Portfolio available should you be audited
  • Variety - over 250 sessions and counting for you to choose from
  • Nursing Events - opportunities to attend fabulous Nursing conferences and seminars in beautiful locations with like minded Nurses! to see where we are off to this year, take a look at our upcoming Nursing conference in July 2015
Join 4500+ registered members today and find out how easy it is to complete all your Nursing CPD requirements.
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