Nursing Excellence – Get Out of B.E.D. and Create the Culture You Dream of
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Nursing Excellence – Get Out of B.E.D. and Create the Culture You Dream of

Presenter Marie McAneney, Director Heart of Nursing, Australia - Heart of Nursing, Australia

Marie McAneney has a Diploma in Nursing and over 26 years’ experience as a Registered Nurse. In the past six years, she has held senior leadership roles, leading and managing both small and large teams. In 2011, she completed The Australian Applied Management Colloquium, and is currently studying Coaching through the Coaching Institute in Melbourne, at a Professional Master Level. She is a qualified Hypnotherapist.

Marie is extremely skilled in human resource and leadership management, and is passionate about influencing positive change within the workplace and its culture, with a specific focus on providing clarity and Soul Medicine for Nurses.

Marie helps Nurses get to the heart of their true potential, by inspiring and empowering them to nurture & understand themselves on a deeper level, and by assisting them to have the courage to connect to their true nature and purpose, through humility and compassion for self and others.

Course Content

Nursing is one of the few professions where there is a culture of professionals "eating their young". A change needs to happen in this space.  Alone we cannot even begin to change this negative culture which is rampant within the Nursing profession.

If it is to be different in this space, Nurses must not just accept that the culture is how it will always be. Change of this magnitude takes courage, it takes time and it takes patience and perseverance.

If Nurses don't feel empowered to speak up and to quit settling for unprofessional below the line behaviour, then how can we ever hope to change our culture?

To do this we must first understand that people are not their behaviours, that we are addressing the behaviour not the person, and this should be done with compassion and understanding, with total heartfelt honesty.

It is about each Nurse taking responsibility and not settling for anything less than an AWESOME culture. 

They must be BRAVE.....They must become more COMPASSIONATE.....and they must strive for deeper CONNECTIONS with not only themselves but with those around them, by making better decisions, and through communicating more effectively. 

This is about Nurses motivating self and others to not settle for a Broken CULTURE.

Target Audience

Learning Outcomes

In this session you will

  • Discover the meaning of NLP and how this can affect mood, behaviour and the direction taken in life
  • Gain a basic understanding of the importance of the NLP Presupposition “People are not their behaviour/s” 
  • Learn principles on how to change your outlook and alter your outcomes
  • Discover how to communicate more effectively, motivate self and others, and make better decisions