Understanding Power
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1 hour/s
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Understanding Power

Presenter Nicole Nash-Arnold - Nurse Manager HQ

Nicole Nash-Arnold is a Nurse educator and facilitator who helps transform accomplished clinical Nurses into empowered and respected leaders. 

She shares her 15 years of experience in senior and executive health leadership roles to germinate great leaders: whether that's leading a team of fellow Nurses on night duty or senior Nursing Executives. 

Nicole has over 10 years’ experience in the theatre, many years in education and post-graduate qualifications in Nursing.  

Course Content

The word "power" can get a bad rap - the subtle power games that people can play is often what comes to mind when we use the word "power".  But power can be used for good instead of evil. 

This webinar covers how to build power in your nursing practice so that you can deliver expertise confidently, support junior nurses with knowledge powerfully, use power in difficult conversations with those who perceives themselves as hierarchically higher (ok, doctors!) and to get your team to be on board with key achievements, particularly as many clinical wards slowly turn toward team nursing as  a model of care.

Target Audience

Learning Outcomes

In this session you will:

  • Understand the six bases of power that we see in everyday lives
  • Explore ways to use each of the bases effectively and safely
  • Apply knowledge to know when to use power for good and never evil
  • Investigate A "How-To" on building expert power