Emotional Resilience – 7 Step to building Resilience
CPD Hours / Duration
1 hour/s
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Emotional Resilience – 7 Step to building Resilience

Presenter Dean King

Dean King is a highly-qualified healthcare professional and dynamic nurse leader with a wealth of industry knowledge, experience, and expertise. 

As a Leadership Specialist, Dean provides expert education, training, and coaching that inspires individuals, groups, and organisations to realise their full leadership potential. With over 12,800 hours of coaching experience and professional expertise in emotional intelligence, team building, conflict resolution and stress management, Dean has consistently produced exceptional results for others at both a personal and professional level.

Course Content

Working inside the modern Healthcare environment can be extremely stressful and challenging, but also incredibly rewarding. 

Research has identified the common stressors associated with modern workplaces, which includes working with and communicating to a wide variety of people with different sets of values, beliefs, and attitudes. Shift work itself is physically mentally and emotionally demanding.

Dealing with death and dying on a regular basis – the research says, “the more exposed we are to death and dying, we are at greater risk of developing compassion fatigue.” Finally, time pressures, technology, and expectations to do more with fewer resources creates enormous pressure and stress within teams.

This can explain why there is an epidemic of disruptive and bad behaviour among our peers and colleagues and why it’s even more important to practice self-care and to be able to build your emotional resilience. 

Target Audience

Learning Outcomes

In this session you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of stress, burnout and compassion fatigue
  • Be able to reflect upon research into stress
  • Be able to identify their own stress response 
  • Learn strategies for preventing stress and building resilience