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  • There is no longer any need to travel to major cities and deal with parking hassles just to attend a 2hr seminar.
  • You get expert content delivered in the comfort of your own environment.
  • An online recording of the presentation is available for you to watch.
  • You receive a pdf handout from the session.
  • A Certificate of Completion will be generated for your Evidence Portfolio in case you are audited.

Upcoming e-Seminars


The Fabulous World of Wounds - Module One

Commences the 6th February 2018 | e-Seminar

Understanding the physiology of the integumentary system, as it relates to wound healing, is pivotal to successful wound management. The correct visual identification and categorisation of wounds is critical as this information provides valuable ‘clues’ for the astute Nurse who is asses...

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The Fabulous World of Wounds - Module Three

Commencing from 6th March 2018 | e-Seminar

Pressure Injuries (PI) cause significant patient harm, impact on quality of life, and increase the cost of health care. In Australia, one estimate of PI prevalence in acute and sub-acute health care facilities ranged from 5.6% to 48.4% (mean 25.5%) and estimates in acute care fa...

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