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Nursing Study Tour - Bangkok

12 October - 21 October 2016

We had an absolutely fabulous time.

It was a great group of people and we all got on really well. We had great fun sharing our adventures as Dream and Kenny, (our tour guides) made sure we got to where we were meant to be in the lovely air conditioned bus. The other lovely thing that they provided was icy cold water and cold face cloths just when we needed them.

We were fortunate to visit some great health care facilities and the group could reflect and compare the services to our Australian experience. We thank our Nursing and Medical colleagues in Bangkok for their generosity in speaking with the group and sharing their information and knowledge so freely with us.

The first service that we visited was a specialist Thai massage service. We were provided with a lecture that explored the history of massage and the principles that support the use of massage therapy. We then were able to practice these skills on each other and then were given a Thai massage by one of the therapy team. 

We visited the AIDs foundation and learned about the public health initiatives that are being undertaken by the government to address the HIV issue in Thailand. 

We had the opportunity to visit one of the oldest Chinese Medicine facilities operating in Bangkok. We were all impressed with the extensive assessment and treatment services available at this practice.

Our Bangkok colleagues at Bangkok Hospital, Bumrungrad Hospital, and Yanhee hospital generously gave of their time to discuss health care delivery, their specialty services, and we were able to contrast and compare to the Australian health system.

A large number of Australians go to Bangkok each year to undergo a variety of health interventions. We were able to view the facilities that provide these services and spoke with the Nursing and Medical teams that provide services to the growing number of health tourism patients. 

Check out these great pics.

Here are a few things, the attendees had to say

The whole trip was unreal, there were so many highlights. Visiting the transgender hospital at Yanhee Hospital, Bumrungrad International Hospital. They were so many aspects to the 3 different Hospitals. Plus the shopping , Most of all the Elephants, The River Kwai,lastly the Farewell Dinner, Rang Mahal on the terrace at Rang Mahal , the view was FABULOUS no other words can explain the views. Also the Thai Food. - Madonna

An enriching experience combining culture,entertainment and some interesting visits to community and hospital based care. - Sheila