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Care of the Older Person into the 21st Century - Alaska

Join us on this Premium Travel Experience, a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the magnificent Hubbard Glacier and the other stunning vistas that Alaska has for you to experience.

27 May - 3 June 2018

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Our exclusive conference and travel offer is being held aboard the Celebrity Infinity cruise ship, where you will encounter the majesty and spectacle of cruising the Inside Passage with its pristine waters, abundant wildlife and breath-taking scenery.


What does the future look like as the population ages into the 21st Century and what are the implications for health care delivery?”

This conference will offer the opportunity to discuss what ageing will look like into the 21st century and how health care services will be delivered. For Nursing, in particular, it will provide a platform to explore how Nursing services across the health care spectrum may alter.

As a continuing professional development (CPD) activity the content is relevant to nearly all areas of Nursing as the way in which we provide care as the population ages will impact not only aged care services but also acute care, community care, public health, mental health, and education institutions. As a profession, we need to be ready to embrace the changes that will occur.

  • Will research and science mitigate the current issues associated with chronic disease?
  • Will public health initiatives lead to disease prevention and a healthier older population?
  • Will residential aged care be delivered as it is now in an institutional setting? 
  • Will robotics play a role in care delivery?
  • Will technology allow people to remain supported at home? 
  • Will we reinvent what home means?
  • Will the Baby Boomer generation redefine the concept of customer service in the health care industry?
  • Will Nursing as a profession be able to adapt and change to meet these expectations? 

This Conference is supported by the International Federation on Ageing 

The International Federation on Ageing is an international non-governmental organisation with a membership base comprising government, NGOs, academics, industry, and individuals in 70 countries.  The IFA began operations in 1973, at a time when the social and economic impact of population ageing was only beginning to be understood by governments around the world. 



Preliminary Program (click here for a condensed program)


1700 - 1800:
Conference Registration and Welcome Reception

Venue: Constellation Lounge, Deck 11




0900 - 1100 | The Longevity Revolution | Sue Walker | 2 CPD Hrs
In this session, we will explore what the future of ageing will look like and with that knowledge reflect on the possible impact on health service provision.

1100 - 1200 | Reinventing what Home means both in the Residential and Homecare Settings | Pam Bridges | 1 CPD Hr
It used to be so simple - residential care; community care and retirement villages.  Not so anymore with services apartments; apartments for life; capacity to buy in services but remain in the home. This session will look at how things are changing.

1300 - 1400 | The Demographic Facts of Ageing in Australia | Sue Walker | 1 CPD Hr
There is now widespread recognition that Australia’s population is ageing and that this has important implications for the national economy and society. Despite this, there is a considerable misunderstanding of the nature, scale, location and implications of population ageing in Australia.

1400 – 1600 | Coaching and Mentoring - Creating the health care workforce of the future | Pam Bridges | 2 CPD Hrs
Our pool of potential staff is diminishing.  Various generations view the term work ethic very differently. Health care organisations need to harness new workers and build their enthusiasm and skills so that we can seriously 'succession plan'.

1600 – 1700 | Outthink Ageing | Sue Walker | 1 CPD Hr
In this session, we will explore the ability of technology to empower us to live longer, healthier, more independent lives. Technology does not replace the human element, but it’s a tool that will enable the growing ageing demographic and their caregivers to better their lives.



0900 – 1000 | The rise of the Nurse Practitioner and Beyond|
Cheryl Dezotti | 1 CPD Hr
The Nurse Practitioner role within the healthcare industry is continuing to evolve along with the public's perceptions of Nurses and their role within the healthcare system.

1000 – 1100 | Yesterday, today and tomorrow: The evolving role of the Enrolled Nurse | Margaret Purdy | 1 CPD Hr
The role of the Enrolled Nurse has rapidly changed over the last three decades and in the future, can only be one of utmost importance in the delivery of quality care to our older people.

1100 – 1200 | Adapting to the changing initiatives for General Practice Nursing | Christy Hunt | 1 CPD Hr
The question for General Practice is how can nursing staff be utilised more proficiently, working to the full extent of scope of practice guidelines and ensure that patients are informed, well educated, engaged and moving towards improvements in health.

1200 – 1300 | Nursing - Challenges and Expectations into the future | Pam Bridges | 1 CPD Hr
Registered staff are struggling with the models of care being introduced in the present aged care sector and the impact this will have on their practice/s.  This session will examine the challenges that are emerging.

1400 - Optional Tour Available
Enjoy the character and culture of the local village.




0900 – 1000 | The Smart Home and Wearable Technologies | Cheryl Dezotti | 1 CPD Hr
Technology impacts everyday life and Healthcare innovations are advancing rapidly in the areas of monitoring and directly assisting with health care delivery to clients.

1000 – 1100 | World Innovations for Australia to consider. How other countries are delivery health care to their ageing populations | Cheryl Dezotti | 1 CPD Hr
8.5% of people worldwide (617 million) are aged 65 and over. This percentage is projected to jump to nearly 17% of the world’s population by 2050 (1.6 billion). “An Ageing World: 2015,”

1100 – 1200 | The future of wound care management for an ageing population | Cheryl Dezotti | 1 CPD Hr
The ageing population is at increased risk of wounding due to a myriad of intrinsic factors. Wound Management must continue to evolve to cater for an ageing population where human and fiscal resources are limited.

1300 – 1400 | Attitudes towards Ageing| Pam Savage | 1 CPD Hr
Ageism can be described as ‘a process of systematic stereotyping of, and discrimination against people’ simply because they are older.  While ageism conflicts with the philosophy of nursing there is evidence that some nurses and students of nursing hold negative attitudes towards the elderly.

1400 – 1500 | An Ageing Australia: Preparing for the Future | Sue Walker | 1 CPD Hr
Australia’s population will both grow stronger and become older. Such slow but profound shifts in the nature of a society do not elicit the same scrutiny as immediate policy issues. The preferable time to contemplate the implications is while these near-inevitable trends are still in their infancy.


0800 - Optional Tour Available
Today you will have the opportunity to see humpback whales up close and personal and venture on shore to explore the beautiful town of Juneau





0800 – 0900 | Consumer Directed Care - What this means | Pam Bridges | 1 CPD Hr
Consumer directed care (CDC) has been implemented in the home care marketplace and reforms around regulatory requirements strengthened in early 2017. 

0900 – 1000 | Elder Abuse: Understanding and preventing, is it a Nurses role? | Pam Savage
Available data indicates that between 2 -5% of Australians over the age of 65 years have experienced abuse, that up to 80% of perpetrators are family members of the victims (the large majority being their children), that financial and psychological abuse are the most common forms of abuse, and that women are twice as likely to be victims of abuse. Nurse’s need to recognise their responsibility to advocate and protect the vulnerable in our society.

1000 – 1100 | Do Robotics have a future in the aged care space? | Pam Bridges | 1 CPD Hr
Technology is progressing at amazing speeds.  Have you considered what this might mean for your services?

1100 – 1200 | Innovative Leadership for Dementia Care | Mei-Chun Lin | 1 CPD Hr
In this session, we will explore the transition of St Joseph’s Home in Taiwan to a learning organisation and the positive outcomes for both the clients and the staff.

1200 – 1300 | Robotics in the community - How we can support the ageing person at home | Pam Bridges | 1 CPD Hr
More and more people are opting to remain in their own home and receive services there.  This session will look at developments that will enable people to maintain their independence for as long as possible.

1300 – 1400 | Ageing and the health system: challenges, opportunities and adaptations | Sue Walker | 1 CPD Hr
There is concern that this ageing of the population will put unsustainable pressure on public spending, with particular concerns about rising health costs and the ability of the health system to serve the increasing numbers of older people needing care. These issues are discussed at some length in this article.

1400 Explore the town of Ketchikan at your leisure




0900 – 1000 | Who’s monitoring what in the health care services of Australia – let the madness unfold | Cheryl Dezotti | 1 CPD Hr
There are a plethora of accreditation and monitoring agencies that review different aspects of Australian Health Care Services. How effectual are they? 

1000 – 1100 | Measuring quality service provision | Pam Bridges |
1 CPD Hr

This session will look at what are the key indicators that will measure quality service provision in the future. Are you still conducting audits but not using the data to 'value-add'?

1100 – 1200 | The role of management in the delivery of quality services of health care in Australia | Cheryl Dezotti | 1 CPD Hr
This session will evaluate the role of management in the delivery of quality health care services according to the Australian Safety and Quality Framework for Health Care. Note that management refers to all persons within the health service who can influence service delivery from the Director of Clinical care to the Nurse Team Leader in charge of a shift. 

1300 – 1400 | The Architecture of Health Care Delivery | 1 CPD Hr
The built environment has a huge influence on how health care is delivered. This influence is felt by all those individuals who utilise the building – staff, clients, and visitors. In this session, we will explore the impact of the built environment.

1400 – 1500 | How will service providers monitor if their services are hitting the spot? | Pam Bridges | 1 CPD Hr
Aged care services are becoming more and more competitive and to ensure that a service can maintain its market share managers and staff need to know what consumers want and/or expect.

1500 – 1600 | Open Panel Discussion on Quality in Health Care |
Cheryl Dezotti, Pam Bridges, Sue Walker

In this interactive session, the panel will discuss the issues that they believe will be the greatest influence on health care delivery for both the recipient of health services but also the Nursing staff involved in their delivery. Participants are encouraged to participate in the discussion.

1600 – 1700 | Quality Standard Reforms - Where are we going? | Pam Bridges | 1 CPD Hr
Consumer directed care (CDC) is being considered for implementation in the residential sector.  This has led to a Common set of Standards taking the place of the residential care quality standards and the home care standards.  This session will look at how both sectors are managing the changes.

Complimentary Cocktail Party and Conference Farewell

Venue: Constellation Lounge, Deck 11


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Care of the Older Person into the 21st Century - Alaska

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Location / Venue
Celebrity Cruise Lines "Infinity"
The Hubbard Glacier, Alaska

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
29 CPD hours

Date / Time (QLD time)
27 May - 3 June 2018

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Cheryl Dezotti, R.N., M.Q.I.H.C., Grad Dip Q.I.H.C., A.F.A.A.Q.H.C., M.A.C.N.

Presenter: Cheryl Dezotti, R.N., M.Q.I.H.C., Grad Dip Q.I.H.C., A.F.A.A.Q.H.C., M.A.C.N.
Cheryl Dezotti is a Registered Nurse and holds a Masters Degree in Quality in Healthcare. Cheryl has worked in both the ... Read more »

Christy Hunt

Presenter: Christy Hunt
Christy has over 20 years’ experience as a Registered Nurse in Health Management and Nurse Education. She current ... Read more »

Margaret Purdy

Presenter: Margaret Purdy
Margaret completed her basic Nursing training in the UK (before time began), prior to migrating to Australia. She has w ... Read more »

Mei-Chun Lin PhD

Presenter: Mei-Chun Lin PhD
Mei-Chun Lin is an Assistant Professor Cardinal Tien Junior College of Healthcare and Management, Taipei, Taiwan. ... Read more »

Pam Bridges

Presenter: Pam Bridges
During her career, Pam has worked in a wide range of roles including (but not limited to): Community Nursing ... Read more »

Pam Savage

Presenter: Pam Savage
Pam has an extensive background in clinical nursing, education, and remote area Nursing both in Australia and overseas. ... Read more »

Sue Walker,  R.N. Bach Nursing (Administration), M.P.H.C. (Palliative Care)

Presenter: Sue Walker, R.N. Bach Nursing (Administration), M.P.H.C. (Palliative Care)
Is co-founder and Director of the Nurses for Nurses Network  Sue is passionate about making a difference to t ... Read more »


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Reviews from our last Alaskan adventure

"The Conference was very well delivered by the presenters, I myself took away some great ideas to share with fellow Health Care Workers. Sue and Cheryl do such an amazing job to put together such a Brilliant Conference, it is such a FABULOUS way to gain knowledge, and also collect CPD hours. The optional tours are put together well, it is not easy to organise large groups of people to do tours, but the BOYS make it work, well done Jason, Brad, and the TEAM  " - Madonna


"I love the CPD travel events, having been on numerous ones before. And I plan to continue attending these fabulous events. Thank you, Sue & Cheryl, for a fabulous conference" - Melissa


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