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There continues to be confusion over the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirement for registration as a Nurse with AHPRA.

  • All nurses must meet the continuing professional development standard to register with AHPRA and this standard sets out the minimum number of hours that must be met.
  • If you are a Nurse on the general register then you are required to obtain a minimum of 20 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) each year
  • If you are a Midwife you must obtain a minimum of 20 hours of CPD each year
  • If you are registered as a Nurse and a Midwife this equals 40 hours of CPD each year but remember there are topics that would be required for both areas of Nursing e.g. wound care, infection control, dealing with grief and loss, stress management - to name a few. These topics can be counted in both CPD requirement categories
  • One hour of active learning equals one hour of continuing professional development
  • The CPD must be relevant to the area of work that you are in at present
  • You need to keep documented evidence of completion of the CPD activity
  • You need to undertake a self-assessment of your learning needs - ask yourself what area do I work in and what information to I need to keep up to date in to be able to function effectively in this role
  • You need to develop a learning plan - so write down the areas that you need to keep up to date in from your self-assessment - this becomes your learning plan
  • When you undertake an activity write a couple of lines about how you will use this information in your work - this is your reflection.

Continuing Professional Development is a Standard that must be met for Registration. You do not need to submit your evidence to register but you do need to have your evidence if you are audited.

It should not be difficult to meet the standard requirement and, as a profession, we need to recognise that we have a responsibility to keep up to date with information that could impact on the area in which we practice. The aim is that the community can be confident that the care provided to them is based on current best practice guidelines.

The Nurses for Nurses Network provides an easy, accessible, and affordable option for nurses to meet the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) standard for registration.

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