The Nurses for Nurses Network provides Continuing Professional Development (CPD) On Line, On Demand, and On Tour.

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Organisational Subscriber Benefits

  • The Nurses for Nurses Network is an established education portal that provides hundreds of continuing professional development sessions for Nurses
  • The portal can be accessed via computer or smart device
  • The simplicity ensures ease of access and ongoing utilisation by staff
  • Organisational subscription includes the capacity to create education sessions specific to your facilities individual requirements that only your staff have access to
  • There is the capacity to house your Organisations orientation presentation/s on this platform so that the facilities can focus on site induction and competency assessment
  • The platform is not limited by geography – if the site has internet they have the same access to education irrespective of where they are located in Australia, or indeed overseas
  • There are no time constraints – it is available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week irrespective of the shift the staff member is rostered
  • Staff can access the sessions in the work area so the requirement to backfill staff who traditionally would have gone to a designated training location can be negated
  • It is not limited by the availability, skill and/or knowledge base of the Facility Educator
  • Your contracted service providers can create sessions on the use of their product for staff to access at any time so knowledge is not limited by the availability of the Company Rep to physically travel and provide a session at every service
  • There is the capacity to monitor the activities of staff on the system via the education matrix
  • The site is maintained and administered by the Nurses for Nurses Network so there are no ongoing costs to the Organisation for specialised staff

Exclusive features for Organisations

At the Nurses for Nurses Network, we work hard to improve Nursing education so we include these extras with our organisational subscription to personalise and improve the CPD process both for Nurses and Organisations alike.


Client Testimonial

"NPAQ was launched in May 2014. We had identified the importance of relevant CPD learning tools for Nurses and were very pleased to have located the Nurses for Nurses Network.

Giving our members access to a platform
which is available online 24/7 and
maintains their CPD Training
records is a real benefit.

We appreciate the effort the
Nurses for Nurses team have put into the creation of the content and its ongoing development."

- Cath Seaver, NPAQTry our CPD Platform


Nursing CPD

3 Custom CPD Sessions

Three webinars /quizzes/ video quizzes
specific to your Organisational
requirements each year.

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Pricing and Discounts

We offer straight forward annual pricing to meet the needs of Organisations of every scale. We guarantee to be the most cost effective option for your Organisation. If you'd like a full demo, please contact us on 07 4151 3884.

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