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Care of the Older Person into the 21st Century - Alaska

Sue Walker,  R.N. Bach Nursing (Admin), M.P.H.C. (Palliative Care) LinkedIn

Presenter: Sue Walker, R.N. Bach Nursing (Admin), M.P.H.C. (Palliative Care)

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Is co-founder and Director of the Nurses for Nurses Network 

Sue is passionate about making a difference to the way in which people experience the healthcare system. Healthcare should be delivered by competent, knowledgeable individuals to ensure the best possible experience for the recipient of that care. Nursing is a fabulous profession - the backbone of the healthcare system, in co-founding the Nurses for Nurses Network her aim is to provide a platform for her nursing colleagues to enhance their knowledge and share their specialist skills with other nurses.

Sue has worked in a number of clinical practice areas her most recent clinical experience being in the aged care sector as both a clinician and a manager. 

During the time she worked as a Nurse Consultant for Health Services Evolution, the aim was to provide an education and quality monitoring system that was useful and relevant to those that work in the aged care industry. “We measure financial performance but rarely take the time to review the care indicators that reflect the core business of the industry.”

Sue continues to believe that the use of quantifiable clinical care indicators, monitored by an independent external agency, in the aged care industry would lead to a much better service delivery model.

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